Episode 9

Intel’s Clear Linux + The FOSS Contribution Project


May 16th, 2019

28 mins 4 secs

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About this Episode

Practically overnight, Intel’s Clear Linux OS has turned into a distribution worth paying attention to. But is it ready for regular desktop Linux users?

Plus, Jason goes down yet another awesome rabbit hole with a new project on GitHub aimed at giving back to the Linux and open source community.

Episode Links

  • It's Time To Pay Attention To Intel's Clear Linux OS Project — Intel's Clear Linux Project has been on my radar for months, mainly because of its sheer dominance over traditional Linux distributions -- and often Windows -- when it comes to performance.
  • 8 Ways To Contribute To The Desktop Linux Community, Without Knowing A Single Line Of Code — Have you ever felt the urge to give back to the Linux community? To help out the developers who spend a significant amount of their (typically unpaid) free time creating the distro, software, or desktop environment that you enjoy on a daily basis? Maybe you just have no clue where to start. That's exactly the predicament I found myself in, so I started asking questions.
  • Let's Build A Wiki For Contributing To The Linux And FOSS Community — Since starting my Linux adventure last summer, I've wanted to contribute back to this awesome community. After all, it's this community that has embraced my journey, and provided me with endless amounts of positive feedback, encouragement and knowledge. But I can't write code. I don't fully understand the nuts-and-bolts of the kernel. So I started asking some questions.
  • Contributing To The Linux And FOSS Community — The Wiki will include exhaustive links to various "Get Involved" pages of all Linux distributions and open source software projects of all sizes.