Episode 23

Void Linux + Contributing to Open Source


November 28th, 2019

26 mins 26 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

A chance to learn some Linux fundamentals in Distrohoppers, and the numerous ways we can all contribute to Linux and open source.

Episode Links

  • Void Linux — Void is a general purpose operating system, based on the monolithic Linux® kernel.
  • Mozilla bug report writing guidelines — This page assumes you'd like to contribute to the Mozilla project by collecting enough information to enter a useful bug report in Bugzilla, the Mozilla bug tracking system.
  • Reporting bugs in Ubuntu — A quick introduction to reporting bugs in Ubuntu. This is just a very brief rough guide. Not final.
  • #100DaysOfCode — The Official Website for the Challenge
  • Write the Docs — Write the Docs is a global community of people who care about documentation.
  • Operation Safe Escape — Ell and Wes talk to Chris Cox, the executive director of Operation Safe Escape about battling stalking and technology-based abuse.